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As a child, Bonny had instinctive healing skills. She didn't know what they were... only that she loved caring of animals, and liked to make people feel better. It was as if she could read their thoughts- moreso, feel how they felt.

Comforting sick and hurting animals has been a lifelong vocation for her that ultimately led her to get her massage certification to work with people after being a veterinary technician. She knew that having a clinical/medical background would allow her skills to be more accessible for delivering alternative and complimentary healing therapies.

Following her path, in 1999 she became a Reiki Master and then studied massage therapy in a Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute of Acupuncture. This allowed her to understand more of how to apply balancing healthy therapies of both sides. She believes that Traditional Medicine and TCM can work together to integrate and improve health and wellness for all.

Bonny is a facilitator of many healing arts and is honored and grateful to be of service to all sentient beings~